Information on registration and re-registration, primary place/the present registration, location of the registration proceedings, the legal (mailing address) phone numbers , fax, e-mail, share capital and the share of founders, activities, information about leaders since enterprises and the accountant, information about founders at the current time, the availability of licenses, serving banks, the existence of accounts, child, parent and corporate related companies, information on the results of financial-economic activities over the past year.


The report includes information "category 1", as well as:
     Company logo and a brief overview, annual enterprise staffing, information about the director, accountant and founders (as natural persons-entrepreneurs as partyOh other business entities), structures u target enterprises (representation, structure, branches, subsidiaries), subsidiaries, parent and corporate related companies involved in foreign economic activity, information about facilities subject to taxation, land, information about results of financial and economic activity for the last 3-5 years participate in the arbitration proceedings as a respondent, bankruptcy, violations of tax legislation and payment discipline, other information characterizing a studied person.

FPG, corporations, holding companies, other.

The report includes information "category 1" or "2" category for each corporate enterprise.

Conclusion our analysts on the basis of the information collected will assist the customer in making the right decision. Therefore, it is very important to correctly set the task before our analysts to accurately describe the purpose of the business report-"partner", check the "search partner", "discovery", etc.


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